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Recycled Cardboard Package

We have all watched in horror, the recent news reports of our oceans slowly filling with plastic bags floating like jelly fish, and seahorses trying to mate with cotton-buds. According to EcoWatch 50% of sea turtles have already consumed plastic and the amount of plastic in the oceans is set to increase ten fold in the next decade. Governments would have us believe the solution is complicated. So, it seems that as long as the laws allow industries to continue making plastics, the responsibility for reducing demand has to lie with individuals.

Packaging of my Drawings


Recyclable Reused Degradable
No-Bend Envelope
Cardboard Insert
Glassine Sheet
Cellophane Packet
Recycled Cardboard Package

Recycled Cardboard Package


Plastics themselves fall into four categories: Non-recyclable, recyclable, recycled, degradable. Degradable plastics are far superior to those which may be or have been recycled. Recycling gives the product another use before it spends the next two hundred years in landfill. Degradable plastics will be reduced back into the ground within a matter of months or even weeks.

I avoid the use of plastics wherever I can, but where I do buy them, they will be degradable. Sometimes I may use bubblewrap. This will always be in the interest of re-using it as I receive a lot of this with the supplies I buy.

The packaging I use most often is cardboard. The beauty of card and paper is that whether or not you recycle it, it will soon enough break down and can be composted easily. Reusing cardboard is an ideal first step in turning the tide, and reduces production costs. I would encourage you to re-use my packaging wherever you can.

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