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Taking Better Pictures of Your Pet With a Smartphone
This checklist is a much condensed version of my Photography Guidelines article. If you have photographs ready to send me, I would just encourage you to check them against this list:

Resolution: Can you see individual eyelashes and lines on the lips (when zoomed in)? I am not necessarily going to draw every last hair but I can’t create a likeness if the images are vague. The more detail that’s visible, the better.

Light: Good quality daylight is essential. And – I hate to keep giving you rules but – please don’t send me a portrait in silhouette – honestly, this happens a lot!

Permission If somebody else took the photographs you are sending, please make sure you have their permission for me to recreate them.

Finally: I am not judging your skills as a photographer. Just send me a few images and we’ll take it from there.

You can upload photos here, or email to

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